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  1. Hi Hari . Thank you so much for choosing to connect to me knowing little about me.

    The World is no different here. I am travelling in the same boat as you are.
    Still I will say something.
    " There is one door to escape from this Prison. I can give you the key. please use the key it might help and the door might open " " Sit crossed leg, close your eyes, attention in between the eyebrows and chant the following internally ( no need to be audible) – I am not the BODY , I am not even the MIND -for ten minutes . Then chant Aaaaaaaaaaa – seven times ( here your body vibrates) then turn your head slightly up( attention at the third eye ), and watch your own breathing processes ( only watch , do not manipulate) stay in this position for five minutes. Now open your eyes slowly. Regards – Raj.

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